Most of us become familiar with the Bible by reading a chapter here and a chapter there, taking a class on one particular book of the Bible, or through sermon series in church. While all are important, this class will cover:

  • How the Bible went from God to us.
  • The single storyline that ties the entire Bible together.
  • How all the Bible stories and lessons fit together like a jigsaw puzzle so you can see the big picture.
  • Understand the culture that the Bible was written to at that time.
  • From Genesis to Revelation, we will explore the lessons, interpretations, and applications for us today.

This class was prepared for women who have little or no Bible knowledge, but all women are welcome. Please invite someone to come with you.

Tuesdays at 7 PM, January 9, 2024 through June 11, 2024. Picking up again on September 17, 2024.