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Have you heard the saying “It takes a village to raise a kid?” At Mountain Kids we want to be part of your village. Through our incredible Difference Makers, Kids Staff, and community of families we are ready to partner together to encourage and support one another during each phase of a child's life.  

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The early years of a kids’ life are some of the most precious moments we have with kids. As families you are navigating constantly changing schedules and routines of your newborn to toddler. During this phase of life, establishing routine and community is vital not only for the success of your kid, but for you as well. Mountain Kids wants to be a part of your community. 

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Grades 1-3

Elementary Kids have a specifically-designed environment to meet their needs during weekly programming. Kids in these rooms are given time to play and interact with others, hear a Bible story in a large group setting, and participate in a small group with other kids their age. 

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Grades 4-5

4th and 5th graders are invited into weekly kids programming! During this time, an amazing group of Difference Makers lead kids through small group activities and thoughtful discussion questions. With the goal to prepare your preteen to launch into middle school.

In addition, preteens are encouraged into a midweek program called Mt. 54. This program fosters spiritual growth through Biblical concepts and the opportunity for kids to hangout with other preteens and small group leaders.  

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Special Needs

Mountain’s program for kids with special needs seeks to provide a specialized learning environment that allow kids to learn in the ways that best communicate to them. With a team of wonderful Difference Makers, we work to provide inclusion opportunities through one-to-one relationships. Kids are eager to come to class, meet new friends, and learn about God. 

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