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You are about to begin the process of what will lead to one of the most extraordinary adventures in your lifetime!

This GO trip will place the TEAM of which you are a part, right in the middle of what God is doing around the world. Remembering the following phrase will help you keep a proper perspective on what you are doing:

"The Church does NOT have a mission in the world; rather, the GOD of the Mission has a Church in the world."

We are joining God in what HE is doing! We are going so that we can BE JESUS, incarnating the Gospel message, to a people who do not know HIM!

Here at Mountain we take our GO trips very seriously! We have created an assessment process through which each applicant will be evaluated for readiness for international ministry.

Please invest the time necessary for this process as it helps us discern your current situation in life. Not everyone who applies goes, so this application is vital to the process. Please complete this online form, and return the completed medical information and $100 deposit to the Glocal Office at the Mountain Rd Campus at your earliest convenience.

Now, let's get started...follow the Quick Reference guide on the next page.

Welcome to "one of the most extraordinary adventures in your lifetime!"


Tom Moen
Glocal Pastor
Mountain Christian Church

Let's get started with your full legal name - this should be what is on your passport: