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Weeds in My Garden

It’s time to be honest about mental health. A whole lot of us are struggling. We may be showing roses but we all have weeds in our garden. We will talk about suicide and self-harm, worry and anxiety, stress and burnout, and depression. Everybody is either struggling with some of this stuff or knows someone who is. Jesus cares and...

Renewal | Growing in Wisdom

How can you grow in Wisdom? What even is wisdom? Jesus came as a baby and lived out a ministry once he grew, but the years he lived in between give us a unique roadmap to the best kind of life. Join Young Adults Pastor, Gil Shelsby as he walks us through the example of Jesus in Luke 2 to discover how WE also can grow in Wisdom.

Behind the Scenes Christmas

What if we looked at Christmas from a different perspective? Lifting our gaze from the earthly point of view to a cosmic perspective reveals how God was at work behind the scenes back then -- and how we can trust God who is at work behind the scenes right now. Behind the scenes that show us a tiny infant in...

Give Thanks in All Circumstances

No matter what challenge or circumstances Paul found himself in, he had joy, gratitude and thanksgiving. How can that be? Well, Paul had experienced the love of Jesus and that transformed the way he viewed everything, meaning that even in the toughest of circumstances he can be overcome with gratitude towards God. That kind of joy represents a life marked...

Unstoppable Good Around the World

What in the world is going on and how can I bring some goodness to it? To help answer that question we'll hear from Ben and a few of Mountain's Mission Partners in this message as we learn practical ways to participate in God’s Unstoppable Global Good. All of us have been called to be IN IT FOR GOOD along...

Unstoppable Good | In It For Good

I hope you’re sensing God calling you to do something special…something important…something BIG with your one life. We can do that TOGETHER when we rally as one, aim the same direction and march together to the Spirit’s leading. This series is all about how God is calling Mountain to come together for a time of deep spiritual growth which will...

You Asked For It

We got questions. But we don’t always know where to go with them. Or if it’s even safe to ask. This series gives us a chance to ask some good questions. Hard questions. Real life questions about God, faith, social issues and life. Based on the questions that keep surfacing, this series will get honest and real with some important,...

The Good Life

Are you a disciple of Jesus? 
A disciple is someone who knows Jesus. Trusts Jesus. Loves Jesus. Stays connected to Jesus and other Jesus followers. Follows Jesus and is fully committed to serving in his mission. 
That’s what we’re trying to DO, and who we are trying to BE: Disciples. 
Are you a disciple of Jesus? 

Guest Speaker | Michael Jr.

Known as one of today’s most gifted comedians, Michael Jr. brings laughter and understanding to audiences all over the world. Michael Jr. tours the country using comedy to inspire audiences to activate their purpose and live a life fulfilled.